Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mr. Crow and Ms. Dove

It happened a long time ago
When a crow met a dove.
She used to coo, he crowed,
Soon they fell in love...

Mr. Crow took her out to lunch
And ordered the best of egg-crunch
Lady Dove gasped in disbelief
On seeing the death of prospective chicks...

She would have nearly fainted
Had not Mr. Crow fluttered in frenzy,
Made her sip some cool raspberry;
And call for a plate of millet cupcakes.

With a gulp of the cool drink
Lady Dove accepted their odd takes
And while she nibbled on the cupcakes
Mr. Crow ordered baked shrimp...

It happened a long time ago
That a crow met a dove
She cooed, He used to crow;
They never got out of love.


From nowhere

From nowhere came a smell
That I had smelt a long time back.
From nowhere came a memory
That I didn't suspect still existed...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why do I still need you?

How unfair to give one blow after the other
to people who so believe in you.
You are skewed in your mercies and virtues
You are an unfair, unrepentant God.
Why do I still need you?