Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vanilla ice cream- cup or cone?
A dash of chocolate sauce,
A generous dash, at that-
An ice cream is almost spirituality frozen and formed,
The moments you eat, those moments are all your own...

Vanilla ice cream- cone or cup?
Whichever holds more, I say...
Sleep, the interlude between life and death
Sleep, the longing of a dream...
My meeting with myself
And also, with those long gone...
Sleep, the mirror of my being
Sleep, the stranger in disguise...
The gossip of my body-
Heart with the soul, mind with the unknown;
Sleep, the time I am reborn...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

As the leaf bid the tree goodbye
and fell in a sleepy frown,
Did it hurt and pain,
when it finally hit down?

As the leaf said goodbye,
Did it cry and talk with other leaves,
Who were still young and shy,
and could cling some more to the tree?

How was its final journey
from the branch to the ground
with those moments in sky,
swaying aimlessly in between;

Did the leaf cry,
When it bid goodbye?

What was with those eyes?
That cold look, that silent stare,
Smile maybe, or smirk somewhere
Truth hidden, or lies not bared...

What was with those eyes?
They took me unawares...
It's dark and down,
but for the candle there.
The soft white glow
With a bit of yellow
And a streak of blue,
Is all for me, just me.

But for the candle,
I would have been so alone...

White dabbled in pink,
Or pink dabbled in white...
A shade of blue,
A hint of green,
How about some cheerful yellow
And a drop of orange sunshine?
A creamy blot of red,
A brown to mellow it down...
Paint your life bright and nice;
Get a pinch of each colour...


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Look around

Open your eyes, look around-
see the dead souls, dark, dull, poor;
they sleep and beg and cough, sneer...

Dust and death for company,
Swears, rot and decay for dinner,
Rags for cold, bags for pillow...

Open your eyes, look around-
Don't you think there are
two species of humans?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's with the tea?

What's with tea, so unique?
Sis says, "Milk, water, sugar only;
Dodo, that's all to tea"...

You sure it's that simple?
Why can't I make a fine cup, ever...
What's with tea, so unique?


Tic-tac-toe, pretty sore
I lose all the time, all the time,
Tic-tac-toe, pretty sore...

Friday, January 18, 2008

How are you, Fr?

How are you doing, Fr?
Better get alright soon, sooner...
Missing the double moron, really!

Sooner the better

Suck ice cubes, salt, pepper
gooseberries and a wedge of lemon,
Be a mom, sis; sooner the better...

Us, We...

February 24, Veg frankies
and cheese, my old school, us; We...
I love destiny.

A morsel of me

A morsel of me,
A bite of you. What a clutter
A fight can do...


I smiled at destiny

I smiled the other day
at destiny. Who were she to be,
If I were not me?

-Gauri Gharpure

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pokat bhukhyo nathi ne
Popat tarsyo nathi...
I am happy, ma;
What about you...

Little by little

Little by little we grow;
to lose it in a second to
anger and envy....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The smell of summer

The smell of summer and
the hint of rain- You and me
down the memory lane...

Where I saw you last?

Where I saw you last?
Perhaps in the crowd there ...
Perhaps here and now and everywhere,
Each time I try to wipe out the past...

You and me

You and me
Lock and key- each a unique entity;
Yet what's a lock without a key?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Molested in Mumbai

Midnight revelry turned lewd.
Unrestrained, uninhibited...
But what's new?
Every woman has been molested.

For more, read this and this

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I love low-cost planes

In three hours flat,
Can reach the home I most love,
I love low-cost planes

Still around?

It's been long, isn't it?
Even the past seems too distant
to be accorded the status of a 'memory'.
By any chance, are you still around?

White flowers

Flowers must have bloomed in the backyard,
A white carpet of luxurious growth,
A fragrance of abundance.
Sis kept them in the glass bowl,
And giggled if I pinned those to my hair
('You look silly' she said.)
Snakes crawled under the bush,
Still Indi walked there fearless.

Even without sis and me today,
Those paras flowers still grow in the corner...
And snakes still crawl beneath;
And Indi still walks as fearless.
Baba still sleeps all day long on all his days off
And watches all the soaps that aaji sees.
Aaji, on her part, still shouts as shrill,
in between the puja each morn.
Life goes on...