Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A windy evening

Dust, debris, papers, leaves
As if uncertain where to land,
came rain in bits and pieces.
A moment of destiny of forced togetherness
stranded strangers under a lonely tree;
A cup of tea that got cold a bit too soon;
A cup of wait, rather.
I still remember that windy evening...


Thursday, July 24, 2008


The words that we
catch and throw,
wait for and deliver-
Do these words make you smile
Or do they make you frown?
Do you believe they are meant for you
Or assume they are for someone else?
These words that we catch and throw,
Do you know where they go?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Walk down the street

Only walk down the street,
to know where you are placed.

On my way to Park Street the other day
I saw monkeys and jugglers lulled asleep,
High on hashish, or some such stuff,
Babies clinging, wriggling about like insects,
Babies so many, some sobbing unnoticed,
Some playing with mud and sticks.
Cooking pots and smoke on the footpath,
Old, desolate men still willing to live.
Dripping tarpaulins sloped on strings,
And water filled in yellow plastic tins,
Hands black with dirt and grime,
Filth accepted as wellbeing.

My sorrow is much less than theirs,
So is my contentment.
Only walk down the street,
And know where you are placed.

Potbellies of hunger

Potbellies of hunger;
Little palms of want, demand.
Whatever I give,
I know it's not enough...

A broken image

A broken image
of sounds and smells. I paint you;
a broken image.