Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Death, you can't touch me
Till you kill me. Or my loved ones.
But then, you have a sinister smell and sound
That crosses the sea
From that vibrant city nestling the Arabian
to this soulful place lining the Hooghly
You have put us all on our toes,
Nerves tense, tension aimless
Sorrow, brooding, unanswerable questions.
Why do you need to kill
to teach a lesson?
Death, why don't you be good once in a while.
Spare. Be gentle. Let us live as we die.
Give us time to say Goodbye...


D said...

The last two are very beautiful.

Art and Poetry said...

If only, I agree the last two lines are very beautiful!

Dileep said...

Let us live till we die,
Not rotten, but vibrant,
with our happiness and sorrows,
But with a will that says,
"friendship and compassion" will never die! :)

Neilina said...

Why do you need to kill
to teach a lesson?
I don't think it kills us! But surely I want time, time to say Goodbye!

Anonymous said...

nice cute poem:) but i choose to differ a bit(i mean a bit only..just a bit..hehe)
"Why do you need to kill
to teach a lesson?" this pricks me..i can't agree with this only(i hope you dont have a problem with me disagreeing..)apart from that..the poem rocks!!