Tuesday, January 1, 2008

White flowers

Flowers must have bloomed in the backyard,
A white carpet of luxurious growth,
A fragrance of abundance.
Sis kept them in the glass bowl,
And giggled if I pinned those to my hair
('You look silly' she said.)
Snakes crawled under the bush,
Still Indi walked there fearless.

Even without sis and me today,
Those paras flowers still grow in the corner...
And snakes still crawl beneath;
And Indi still walks as fearless.
Baba still sleeps all day long on all his days off
And watches all the soaps that aaji sees.
Aaji, on her part, still shouts as shrill,
in between the puja each morn.
Life goes on...


Me said...

Nice poem..still life goes on!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Wow i lovd the simplicity nd the way u describd it.rather fluid i must say.btw this isnt a haiku right?

Gauri Gharpure said...

nope, this one (and many other writings on the blog) are not haiku.. i decided not to limit myself to haiku.. but haiku being the underlining inspiration for this blog, i try to pen as small couplets as possible on the whole...