Friday, September 26, 2008

Just go away

It's uncomfortable
fiddling with the past. And yet it's
nothing I can control.

If only memories
could die as completely as human bodies;
Rot or burn away.



Dileep said...

He was very thin!
He was not talkative!
Yet he had a smile filled with mystery
He used to say, " it was the past that made the present!"
His mother was dead; he was a 2 yr old then.
Hs father died when he was 17.

I used to argue with him unnecessarily

He taught me how to swim!

He had shown me the first factory I ever saw!

He taught me philosophy!

But one day he too disappeared!

My arguments still remain in mind. Sadness and gloom comes back because i dint understand his depth of love

Past is always painful!.. but the lessons we learn are useful for a life time!

Art and Poetry said...

This is nice about memories I have found that time takes the feeling out of memories.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing about memory. I have read somewhere.....'Memories are so confusing, they make us laugh when we remember the times we cried and makes us cry when we remember the times we laughed! So true.....

Anil P said...

Then there might be left no humanity!

Trailblazer said...

Memories make a human weak.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Dileep--- Touching words... Hope you have put up these on your blog too..

Nick-- You couldn't have put it better. I know what you mean. This is painful at times. When time hinders memories, you wonder if you are not heartless to not remember...

Neilina-- Thanks...
And thanks again for sharing tht wonderful quote..
The other day I heard a bong song (guess by Suman Chakraborty)-- the lines go thus-- 'Bondhu ki khobor, koto din dekha hoi ni'.. (Friend, how are you-- we have not met since days!)
The song is soulful and I actually started crying remembering some craziest times we had in school and college. Utterly embarrassing.

Anil-- Perhaps you have taken it in a different context. And yes, in that you may be right...
But yes, I wish we were able to 'delete' some moments completely.

Trailblazer-- Yes. And then in those weak moments, men resort to poetry. :D
Welcome to be blog, be back soon.

dharmabum said...

in the end, it all goes away. memories are far too short.