Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mee asheech Mee tasheech

Mee khari
Mee khoti

Mee kali
Mee gori

Mee aahe
Mee nahi

Mee sona
Mee dagad

Mee agni
Mee jal

Mee bangdi
Mee dora

Mee eechhha
Mee bal

Mee lahan
Mee mothi

Mee asheech
Mee tasheech

Mee satya
Mee asatya

Mee Gandhi
Mee Bhagat

Mee phool
Mee madhmashi

Mee nadi
Mee samudra

Mee aapli
Mee parkee

Mee pandhree
Mee laal

Mee ho
Mee nahi

Mee asheech
Mee tasheech

Chaitali Phadke is a vivacious Mumbaikar, a charming, chirpy girl whose poetry you have to read to believe her sensitive way of seeing things. This poem is her take on herself.


Darshan Chande said...

Wow!! I am not Marathi but I could understand it still.. so simple and beautiful.. Nice image too :-)

Dileep said...

Yes.. this is quite simple and nice :) I was taking a break from blogging :)

mesjay said...

Pretty rangoli. Can't understand some of the words though i live in Mumbai.

unpretentious said...

nice pic. i understood a little but the contradictions seem beautiful. reminds me of my post 'ignorance'.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Darshan-- tht's the beauty of the poem, so simple and yet to deep!!

Dileep-- right! and when will u be back with more posts now?

Mesjay-- i hope u get the general contradictions in the poem.. it's a paintbrush drawing i drew, though yes, looks like a rangoli :)

Unpretentious-- cousin wrote these bundle of contradictions :) i will check 'ignorance' post too..

The Ultimate Motorcyclist said...

Damn neat - Short but very sweet interpretation of whatever she may stand for.

Anil P said...

Lovely. It could be a take on many of us as well.

feddabonn said...

bloody brilliant. while i get the gist, could you transalate the words?

Gauri Gharpure said...

Here you go, a rough translation:

Khari- right, khoti- wrong

kali- dark, gori-fair-skinned

Mee aahe, Mee nahi- I am, I am not

Sona- gold, dagad- stone

agni- fire, jal- water

Bangdi- bangles, dora- thread

Eechha- Will ( or wish) bal- Power (pr strength)

lahan- small, mothi- big. (In this sense, perhaps I am a child, i am a group-up)

Mee satya, Mee asatya- I am the truth, I am the lie

I am Gandhi, I am Bhagat

I am the flower (phool), I am the honeybee (madhmashi)

nadi- River, samudra- ocean

pandhree- white, lal- red

Mee ho (yes) , Mee nahi (no)

Mee asheech Mee Tasheech- I am like this, I am like that...

John said...

mee impressed

Deep said...

WOW!!! :))))))))