Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's hot and sultry
but not just right enough
The sun was far more demanding
In the town I grew up in.

It hit you on your skin
and pierced right through
Till you burnt a funny red
And then sweat cooled you up.

The hot vapours pricked you by
As you zoomed past on bikes.
Back home, under the lazy fan;
Water after a minute or two
Life would slowly seem bearable again...

Ahmedabad has a thousand memorable things
But the most I miss
Are those ruthless summer months.


mesjay said...

Hot, blazing, burnig summer does have its charm though not comfortable by any means. Haven't been to Gujarat, though.

Iceman said...

I hate hot days. So felt all uneasy reading that :D ;)

Cilantro said...

Thank you Gauri for the compliments about my blog. I have read your articles and infact linked one of you posts.
"Summer" is really nice. I always felt the fan runs very very slow during summers. I have lived most part of my life in Hyderabad and I miss the summer for the mangoes.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Mesjay-- yes, i didn't understand it when my father said summer is his favorite season.. now i know..

Iceman-- you have a wonderful blog.. thnks for dropping by

Cilantro-- thnk u! i couldnt find the linked article though..wht post it is abt?

feddabonn said...


Frisbee said...

Well, I like sumnmer for the holidays :D

But this is the first time I see a family liking summer :P

Especially you missing the ruthless summer..!! :P :P

John Doe said...

"The sun was far more demanding
In the town I grew up in."


Gauri Gharpure said...

fed- :)

Frisbee-- summer holidays, yes, i cud write a whole lot of poems on the pickled raw mangoes and stuff. thanks for visiting

John-- those are the lines tht make me quite happy with myself too.