Monday, December 17, 2007

How Haiku Happened To Me?

I have always been amused by those witty oneliners behind a truck or a rickshaw. Some are crap, but some are pure philosophy and high-intellect wrapped in the minimum possible words.

While browing the net, I came across a blog which posts under 'Haiku Fridays'. This is a Blog forum started by Christina and Jennifer

Haiku Friday

Click on the above banner and go to the Haiku Fridays site directly to read the rules, and to start your own Haiku experiment.

Here's what you need to do to write a Haiku in a nutshell:

First and third lines must have five syllables, and the middle line must have seven. That's all. You need to convey the thoughts in three lines and no more than nineteen syllables.

Though I intend to test my skills and will stick to the Haiku rules, I will take this blog to write small, sometimes rather abrupt thoughts that come to me in my times of solitude. Something that Unfinished dreams does and for which I very much love to go thru his posts...

So after this preface and all the required linking up, let's finally being the 'Short and Sweet' journey on my new blog.

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