Monday, December 24, 2007

My roots

The time is good and
there's not much to complain,
But am missing my roots...

Roots? There's confusion here:
Where do I belong, pray inform...
I speak gujju better

than I speak marathi, but
but I think I think in english;
(yet it suits me most

When I don't think at all...)

The time is good and
there's not much to complain, yet-
Am missing my roots
(Whatever my roots are...)


Subhra Das said...

Roots, is a much confused word these days. While going through your post made me wonder which place do I belong to? One whose language I speak or where I have been born and brought up. But surprisingly what I could figure out is that our roots are home and our family and most of all a place where we feel at home to let down all inhibitions. Strangely it has nothing to do with geography!

Gauri Gharpure said...

yup Radhika, wht u say sounds very true indeed... sometimes, in blank moments people like me and my sis (who have a tri- or bi-lingual and caste heritage) feel a little lost.. :) it's fun and it's immensely joyful to belong to varied customs at a time, but it is also tricky at times... but u summed it up perfectly, roots are where u belong, where u feel at home and where u find tht homely bliss (or bittersweet nostalgia) tht no other place can substitute..