Thursday, July 24, 2008


The words that we
catch and throw,
wait for and deliver-
Do these words make you smile
Or do they make you frown?
Do you believe they are meant for you
Or assume they are for someone else?
These words that we catch and throw,
Do you know where they go?


Dileep said...

a word or a smile never goes in vain..but once we catch and throw!..Is there any return?..some words take us to places of "no return"! good post!

@lankr1ta said...

A word has power beyond a look, a smile even- a power we are too careless about

Love the poem

Thank you for your comment on my blog.

vatsal said...

they come to me and you and then they stay and then the fly to somebody else...they live with you till you want to... they do not die but they leave the moment you decide to look forward...

Reni said...

A word of hope, a word that generates that smile keep lingering n haunting forever... :). throw all of it if u can.. cos all of us need them to survive through!