Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A windy evening

Dust, debris, papers, leaves
As if uncertain where to land,
came rain in bits and pieces.
A moment of destiny of forced togetherness
stranded strangers under a lonely tree;
A cup of tea that got cold a bit too soon;
A cup of wait, rather.
I still remember that windy evening...



Dileep said...

very nice!.. the pics too...but being a keralite ..would like to add one more thing!...in such a windy day after the breeze, we used to go under mango trees to pick those sweet mangoes that had fallen! so many things of the past.. of those misty villages..tea in mudpot..all these memories have become vague!.. but still they are so nice to thought of again and again :)

susanna said...

Your words create an image in my mind of those leaves and papers and dust and of those strangers stranded together under a tree.

RiverSoul said...

A beautifull trail of thoughts.
I'm blogrolling you.
Plz visit my blog too:)

Priya said...

I agree with riversoul...ur posts are like walking in the territory that your mind and heart share :)

Anonymous said...

I said this on my blog as well, but this is a powerful post. Fantastic images created with so few words. Bravo!